DARPA's super-fast cheetah robot could be good for reconnaissance

Stealth drones save troops, but they get shot down easily. DARPA's given the engineers at Boston Dynamics the green light to build the world's fastest four-legged robot based on a cheetah. Sounds like Beast Wars' Cheetor to us!

With an emphasis on speed, Boston Dynamics is shooting for a cheetah robot that can run at 20-30 miles per hour. According to Boston Dynamics, "the four-legged cheetah will sprint faster than a human, take tight corners so it can zigzag to chase or evade, and be able start and stop on a dime." Eventually, Boston Dynamics wants to be able to match the speed of a real cheetah, which is closer to 60-70 miles per hour.

Throw in a couple of high definition infrared cameras for eyes and a galore of radio antennas for ears and you have a bonafide spy robo-cat that'd fool almost anyone.

DARPA's giving Boston Dynamics 20 months to pony up a preliminary prototype for the cheetah robot. We'll believe it when we see it because most human and animal-like robots we've seen tend to be on the super-slow, rather than super-fast side.

Boston Herald, via PopSci

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