Cops seize double-barreled shotgun hidden inside a guitar

When cops in Sweden raided the house of a man they suspected was supplying weapons to local street gangs, they must have figured he was also into the local heavy metal scene from the electric guitar hanging on the wall. But then they found that the only music this instrument could play was the twin bangs of a double- barreled Shotgun.

Closer inspection revealed that the neck of the guitar had been hollowed out to hold the twin barrels, while the body contained the beginnings of the firing mechanism, When confronted about his project, the owner said it was "just a fun thing" that he hadn't finished.

The cops also found six other weapons including a machine gun, and a walking stick rifle, so their raid wasn't a total loss.

I wonder what his defense will be? Perhaps he can say that he's just a big Gun's 'n' Roses fan, or that he was trying to add some realism to his cover version of I Shot The Sheriff.

The Local, via Neatorama

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