Chinese chef builds robot to shave noodles for him while he relaxes

Meet Chef Cui, the noodle shaving robot. Chef Cui Runquan was sick and tired of having to shave noodles by hand and pouring them into a pot of boiling water, so he built a robot to do the job for him.

Using a series of blades that operate like windshield wipers, shaving in up and down movements, Chef Cui can properly cut noodles just like a real human. The robot even has Ultraman dashing good looks!

Cui Runquan is optimistic about his robot and hopes to mass produce it this month. With so many mouths to feed in China, efficiency is a good skill to have. Restaurants could easily keep up with noodle demand with a couple of these robots working like slaves in the kitchen.

Runquan's dream is to have Chef Cui's shaving noodles for everyone in the future. Talk about innovation in the wake of laziness! The world could use more homemade robots like Chef Cui. I'd put one in my home if it could prepare several types of noodle meals for me on command. I'd like udon, no — yakisoba — no — spaghetti tonight please.

Orange, via Gearlog

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