China tracking cellphones to monitor 'traffic patterns,' but is that all?

Citizens of China, prepare for your every move to be tracked by the government. The Chinese government says it's monitoring citizen's cellphones strictly for learning about traffic congestion, but is that really all it's tracking?

Partnering up with wireless operator, China Mobile to track the locations of citizens in real-time, the Chinese government hopes to learn about congestion and population patterns. The idea is to get a better understanding of where traffic is coming from and headed towards. It sounds like a honest case-study, but knowing that the sometimes nefarious regime is tracking people is unsettling.

I like the idea of learning about traffic patterns in an attempt to predict where to build new roads, bridges, etc., but can't they just use satellite maps to do it the same?

Basically, carrying a cellphone in China will soon be like having having a GPS strapped to you at all times. For all we know, the Chinese government is spying on intimate text messages, sifting through pictures and looking at all the other sensitive info that is stored on cellphones these days.

While disclosures regarding how much info will actually be beamed from a person's cellphone to China Mobile is still unknown, people are already freaking out privacy breaches.

What do you think? Is the Chinese government going overboard in trying to dissect its booming growth?

Via Fast Company, Image from Fileshare-acho

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