CEA wants to standardize 3D active shutter glasses

Finally, a step in the right direction for 3D. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is calling on manufacturers to band together and create interoperable 3D active shutter glasses that work on any 3DTV.

Active shutter glasses a.k.a. the fancier end of 3D glasses is the tech used in most 3DTVs, but they can be costly. Most manufacturers equip their 3DTVs with proprietary 3D active shutter glasses. For example, a pair of Samsung 3D active shutter glasses will likely not work on a Sony 3DTV and vice versa.

This is problematic if 3D is to continue its push into the forefront of media consumption. CEA is hoping that by telling manufacturers to stop screwing around with their own proprietary 3D active shutter glasses and embracing a standardized solution, it'll lead to increased 3DTV penetration in the home. We couldn't agree more. Watching 2D TV is universal. Dissolving all the 3D eyewear fragmentation will only help 3D become that much more universal and natural — not to mention cheaper.

Bravo. It's about time the 3D electronics market came to its senses. CEA, get this ball rolling and get it going down the hill quickly.

Business Wire, via Gizmodo, Image from SamsungTomorrow

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