Camera with 'airbrush my face' mode is a hit with the girls

At a first glance, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX77 looks and sounds like any generic point and shoot, but it's not. The FX77 has a few special modes that virtually re-touch your skin by applying make-up to your pics.

It used to be that cameras only knew how to correct red-eye. Targeted at girls, the FX77 has smarter software that can airbrush pics to remove wrinkles, whiten teeth and apply make-up, amongst a few options, to make you look less tired and more hippity hoppity happy.

Photoshopping your face for all those online profile pics isn't just a tedious chore for the computer geek anymore. You don't need to do anything but let the camera do all the application. The FX77 won't make every woman with bad skin look like Adriana Lima or anything, but it'll at least give them more confidence in participating in snapshots.

I'm not sure if all of this is actually a good thing (I like natural looking people), but based on its runaway success with the girls in Japan, it's a safe bet to say that people are loving the digital make-up functions.

Would you buy this magical confidence camera?

Reuters, via PopSci

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