Beer bottle opener with cap catcher is sheer genius

When you let the mind run wild, it can come up with some pretty absurd concepts, lke that TV remote bottle opener gizmo. But take this bottle opener that catches all those beer bottle caps. This is what I call practical.

I'm not the one to collect bottle caps, so I absolutely hate it when people bust a beer open and toss the cap somewhere — in between the sofa cushions, behind a bookshelf or chuck it into a toilet bowl and clogging it up. Designer Stefano Di Lollo came up with this clever bottle opener that actually collects all those caps in its cylindrical body. It can hold 30 caps, keeping your floor beer drop free.

It's not rocket science, so why has no one come up with this sooner? If it does exist in another form, I've never come across it. Hands down, every house party should have this.

There's no pricing or availability yet for this common sense bottle opener, but info on that should be available soon.

Trudeau Corp, via Yanko Design

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