Badass double Glock will shoot targets dead twice at once

If Al Pacino wanted to roll down the streets in style today, he'd skip the machine gun and pack this fully automatic weapon made up of two Glock 18 pistols with a scope attached on top. Yeah, say hello to his new little friend.

Just looking at this double Glock is intimidating. Kudos to its creator for making it look so badass, but what about function? While fictional characters like Lara Croft make it look easy to wield two guns, it's actually not. In real life, firing two guns off in unison requires practiced skill. This double Glock might be easier to operate than two separately held guns because both of them are bolted together.

Of course, there are concerns about the recoil effect and shock from both Glocks firing off together, but that's the case with any gun. Remember to keep this sucker away from your face.

Regardless, let's all be awed by checking out the Tom Selleck-shaved-his-hair lookalike handling the double Glock like a pro in the gallery below.

The Firearm Blog and Egun, via Geekologie

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