Awesome electric skateboard has ABS brakes and wireless remote

Most skateboards are pretty low tech and that's part of their appeal, but what if you want a board that can really take you places? The Fiik skateboard has an electric motor that can take you up to 22 miles, and it even works pretty well when you go off the sidewalk.

This isn't the first electric skateboard we've encountered, but it is the most impressive with it's three speeds, and electric anti-lock brakes. Top speed is around 23-mph, which sounds like plenty when your face will become the crumple zone in any accident. The big knobby tires look pretty good for running over grass or loose dirt, although I'm sure they can't tackle the really rough stuff like that tank tread skateboard.

The biggest catch is the $1,600 asking price, and you'll have to add in shipping for Australia where the Fiiks are made.

Fiik Skateboards, via Gizmag

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