Audi has a new mid-engined 20 speed vehicle, oh yeah, it's a bike

Good news for anyone dreaming about getting a shiny new Audi for cruising through town, the price of entry has just come down significantly. There is a catch however, because that mid-engined driving force is you.

The Audi Duo bike was created in collaboration with Portland Oregon bike maker Renovo, where their specialty is making bikes that use hardwood frames. In addition to looking extra classy, Renovo says that the wood frame is actually lighter than an aluminum one, and it gives the bike a much more comfortable ride.

The Audi Duo comes in three flavors, the city-centric Duo City and Duo Sport, and a stripped down model for road racing called the Duo Road. The first two come with 8-speed internal hub gearing, while the Road has a 20-speed racing setup.

They certainly look super stylish, but with prices ranging from $ 6,530 to $7,460 a pop, I'm not sure if I'd feel comfortable chaining one of those "city" versions to a lamp post while I went to the movies.


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