Asus gets serious about cardboard PCs made from shipping boxes

Building a computer out of a cardboard shipping box is nothing new for a hobbyist. But for a PC maker like Asus to actually embrace the idea? Well, that's just ballsy.

To cut down on waste, all of Asus' Mini-ITX motherboards will come in a shipping box that also doubles as a PC case. The shipping box will have compartments for adding a hard drive and CD/DVD drive as well as pop-out holes for heat dissipation. We're all for saving the environment, but cardboard doesn't exactly provide great ventilation — even if it does have lots of holes.

Asus says that the cardboard cases are good for a year of use. We see that as code for "after a year, there isn't any excuse to not have a proper case." Then again, if you can keep this thing from melting by not taxing it too hard, you could probably keep it around forever if you so desired.

Plan on entering the contest for the most barebone PC ever made? You'll have to wait to kickstart that challenge because the Asus Mini-ITX motherboards won't ship until June.

ITWorld and Geek, via Likecool

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