Apply once, permanent anti-fog coating keeps your glasses fog free

It's common knowledge that in cold weather, fog and glass don't mix. At last, a group of Canadian researchers from Université Laval have created a true permanent anti-fog coating that isn't all fizzle and no sizzle.

Unlike other anti-fog solutions on the market, the polyvinyl alcohol-based anti-fog coating from the Université Laval researchers claims to only need to be applied once. One blast and any transparent glass or plastic surface is instantly fog free.

It's not magic, it's science:

The actual anti-fog coating itself is composed of polyvinyl alcohol, which is a hydrophilic compound that causes the individual droplets of condensation to disperse. Before it can go on to a surface, however, a base of four successive layers of silicon molecules are first applied via an atmospheric plasma process. These layers bond to one another, but also allow the alcohol to bond to them, ensuring the durability and hardness of the combined coating.

Talk between the researchers and eyewear manufacturers are already underway.

It sounds good. I wear glasses from time to time when I don't have my contacts on, and it really sucks when you're walking into a toasty store from the cold and your glasses get filled with fog. Let's hope this stuff gets mass produced real soon.

Applied Materials and Interfaces, via Gizmag

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