Affordable 14-inch USB monitor will make you 'multitask like mad'

For times when one computer screen is just not enough, a spare USB-powered monitor can come in handy. Toshiba's 14-inch LC Mobile Monitor is the latest and greatest USB monitor that doesn't need a power adapter and doesn't break the bank.

Keeping up with the times, Toshiba's Mobile Monitor sports a high definition 1366x768, includes a nifty protective case that folds up into a stand, weighs 2.8 lbs and is only about half an inch thick. The 14-inch monitor is so handy that Toshiba reckons "you'll multitask like mad" with it plugged into a computer. From our experiences, netbook and ultra light and portable notebook owners would probably love this thing.

As an added option, the monitor's brightness can be cranked up to 220nits when a power adapter is plugged in, but for most intended purposes, the single USB cable should do the trick.

Toshiba's selling the 14-inch USB monitor for $200. That's four more inches of screen than Cinq's 10-inch USB monitor offers and $50 cheaper too.

Toshiba, via OhGizmo!

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