Actually, the Sony NGP will technically not be as powerful as a PS3

Whoops, looks like Sony pulled a fast one on everybody. Now that the fire has died down just a little, David Coombes, a Sony platform research manager's come forward to let you know the NGP "would probably set fire to your pants" if it were as powerful as a PS3.

Not only that, but the NGP is "not going to run at 2GHz because the battery would last five minutes," says Coombes.

Gamers who thought that the NGP's quad-core processor — a chip theoretically capable of running at full speeds of 2GHz would actually get tapped into will have to open their eyes. Sony will be "dialing down the processor in order to preserve the NGP's battery life and prevent it from running too hot."

Don't be mad, Coombes is just telling it like it is — in real life performance. Besides, as long as the games on the NGP feel nearly like PS3 games, who cares how fast its processor is running at. It could be running at 500MHz for all we care if the game looks and controls as smooth as a PS3 game.

Just don't get your hopes up come NGP launch day if the games aren't as stunningly gorgeous as everyone's who's seen it is saying. Remember, the PSP had some pretty as hell games too — most marred by its lack of a second analog nub.

Via Eurogamer

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