40 years later, Pong finally lets you play with a foursome

If you've been playing Pong since 1972 with just two players, prepare yourself for another 39 years of fun, because now there's a new version that lets you play with up to four players.

Created by Retrobrad over at Bradprojects, the Super Pong Table gives the granddaddy of all video games a long overdue update, switching from the original game's fuzzy white blobs on a CRT display, to a sharp 900 red LED grid. Four paddles lets a group of people play at the same time, and the game will let you play with multiple balls just to keep it challenging.

While Retrobrad built the Super Pong Table for himself, he was nice enough to provide full instructions for making your own over at Intructables.

Instructables, via Engadget

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