Wireless dominoes don't need you anymore

Dominoes are more or less the last thing I expected to get hacked into something digital and wireless and bedazzled with LEDs. But it happened anyway, and it's made them exponentially more fun.

You wouldn't think that dominoes would benefit much from the digital age, but if you start considering all of the disadvantages of a traditional domino piece, it makes a lot of sense. Jarashi Suki's "Esper" dominoes are a vast improvement over the original, incorporating LEDs that let you play in the dark, numerical pips that can be changed by shaking the tile, and best of all, wireless communication between tiles that can activate a self-toppling capability.

Check it out:

From the looks of it, the domino tiles always fall in numerical order, and if you have two tiles with the same value, they fall at the same time. All that's left is to endow them with a self-righting capability (and maybe little wheels so that they can position themselves), and we'd have the ultimate domino. Until then, the Esper dominoes look to be our most promising conceptual prototype.

Esper Dominoes, via OhGizmo

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