Warcraft and Starcraft theme park opening in China, maybe

You know how people keep pestering you to stop playing computer games go outside more? Now, finally, there's a reason to listen to them. It's called Joyland World, and it's a theme park based on Starcraft and World of Warcraft. Sort of.

From the little bit of digging I've been able to do, it looks as though this is a real amusement park called Joyland World that's currently under construction in China. There are sub-parks that are built around World of Warcraft and Starcraft themes complete with coasters and other attractions, and there will also be a video game museum and electronic gaming sports arena. Pictures from last month show that most of the coasters have been put together, but the rest of the park still needs a fair amount of work.

My guess is that Joyland World isn't officially endorsed by Blizzard Entertainment, seeing as the sub-parks are in fact called 'Terrain of Warcraft' and 'Universe of Starcraft.' So unfortunately, the theme is going to be almost, but not quite, what Blizzard fans are expecting. Still, that doesn't mean it's not going to be awesome, and as a WoW player, I can imagine it including the following features:

  • A drop ride called Going Down, where you fall 65 yards without dying
  • A shooting gallery where you have to kill eight hapless creatures and harvest their eyeballs for no reason
  • Other visitors will continually make fun of what you're wearing
  • Another shooting gallery where you have to kill eight slightly less hapless creatures and harvest their spleens for no reason
  • Random mobs of people will get angry and attack you if you get too close to them
  • Concession stands only serve seafood stew, 'cause nobody ever wants anything else
  • You can only go on the exciting rides after you've been on all the boring rides first
  • Sometimes, out of nowhere, another visitor will come up and punch you in the gut, laugh, and run off

Below, check out a bunch of concept art from the park, including a building that looks almost but not quite exactly like Silvermoon City, and what almost certainly isn't identical to a Protoss nexus.

Joyland World, via GameBlog

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