Verizon iPhone 4 found to lose signal when held in 'death hug'

Beware! If you suffocate your Verizon iPhone 4 between as much of your palms and as many fingers as you can, you'll lose signal strength. Not that you could use it as a phone anymore anyway, but GET MAD!

You could still use it to watch movies in widescreen, however, and therein lies the problem as your Wi-Fi or 3G signal would be hampered. Sort of. "Sort of," because this "death hug" as it's being called — riffing off of the iPhone 4's "death grip" that made it so unpopular on Vulcan — has arisen not by users complaining of the issue, but from a tip to a tech website, iLounge.

That doesn't make it any less valid; in the iLounge video below, the site's Charles Starrett is able to not only show the original death grip causing some problems, but the new death hug, too. I'm pretty sure if I pulled my phone out of my pocket right now I could figure out a way to make my signal worse, too. The bottom line? If this is something you're worried about cases are still the way to go.

Is it really an issue? Making something of nothing? Are we just holding it wrong? Check out the video below and decide for yourself. If you do have a Verizon iPhone handy, are you experiencing any similar problem?

iLounge, via Mac Rumors

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