USB fuel cell charger looks cool, but might freak out the TSA

Have you ever poked around an airport terminal looking for an outlet so you can charge up your gadgets? If so, this hydrogen fuel cell could end the hunt, by giving you your own portable device charger.

The PowerTrekk charger gets its power from a hydrogen fuel cell, requiring only water and a PowerPukk fuel pack to work. It can charge your various gadgets either directly from the fuel cell, or from its own built in rechargeable battery. No word on how many charges you get from a fuel pack.

My main concern is what those skittish airport TSA agents are going to do when you tell them that you're packing a hydrogen fuel cell in your pocket. Just saying those three words seems likely to send the terminal into some kind of terror lockdown.

The PowerTrekk will be shipping soon, at price to be determined.

PowerTrekk, via Technabob

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