To recharge these batteries, just wind them up

Some gadgets still require you to use AA batteries, like a Wii or Xbox 360 controller or a cheap digital camera. Wouldn't it be handy to not have to pop rechargeable batteries into a charger and wait for it to juice up? A new battery design concept would eliminate the wait time by letting you wind up the battery to recharge it.

Designed by Yeon Kyeong Hwang and Mieong Ho Kang, the aptly named Winding Power battery recharges with a twist. According to the designer's concept images, the Winding Power battery has a small generator and spiral spring inside — when twisted — recharges.

In addition to being able to be recharged on the fly, the batteries can still be put into a regular battery charging kit.

We could see these batteries being really useful while camping out in the wilderness and in other scenarios where a power outlet isn't available.

Via Yanko Design

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