T-Mobile unveils LG G-Slate tablet with 3D, Honeycomb and 4G

The rumors were partly correct — the LG G-Slate has twin cameras for 3D photos and video recording as well as a 3D screen. Already mouthing off to your buds about its 3D overload? Don't forget to tell them the 8.9-inch screen tablet requires stereoscopic 3D glasses.

If you can overlook the fact that LG's G-Slate needs 3D glasses, then you'll find a beast of a tablet waiting for you. On paper, the G-Slate looks like the antithesis of the iPad. As already stated, the G-Slate has an 8.9-inch screen, an uber powerful dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor, 32GB of internal storage, your standard gyroscope and accelerometer, two rear cameras (one cam has a stereoscopic video recoder with 1080p video recording and the other has 5-megapixels with LED flash) and one front-facing camera for video chat.

As if the hardware doesn't already look spectacular, the G-Slate runs on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, meaning you'll get a real tablet experience like on the Motorola Xoom, full Adobe Flash support, smooth 720p HD video playback and 1080p video output via HDMI.

All of this goodness will will operate on T-Mobile's 4G network. So we expect snappy downloads, video streams and more when the G-Slate hits this Spring. Keen readers will notice that T-Mobile and LG didn't tout any battery figures. Smart shoppers will know that anything less than what the iPad's 10+ hours has won't be acceptable. Pricing wasn't announced either, but we're willing to bet the G-Slate will remain competitive to the Motorola Xoom's $700 price tag.

Via T-Mobile

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