Cute talking milk carton reminds you to shut the fridge door

Do you have a tendency to stand in front of your open fridge, pondering what snack you should make? Perhaps you need a cute little reminder about how much power you're wasting, courtesy this little Japanese talking milk carton.

Fridgeezoo Friends are electronically activated to give you a friendly greeting when you open the fridge door, but leave the door standing open for too long, and you'll get a follow up message reminding you not to cool down the whole neighborhood. At least that's what I'm guessing it's saying in a super girly Japanese voice that would make Hello Kitty proud.

What's not clear is whether the Fridgeezoo Friends can also speak English. The box is certainly covered with English text, and even shows one saying "please close the door", but the video is all in way too cute Japanese.

Fridgeezoo Friends are available now for around $38 each.

GeekStuff4U, via Geek Alerts

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