Stormtrooper-inspired Facebook phones are the 'droids' you're looking for

In galaxy far far away, Obi-wan Kenobi once famously said, "these are not the droids you are looking for" — he's wrong, at least as far as INQ's Android-powered Facebook phone goes. Last month's accidental certification test leak revealed the INQ Cloud Touch, a smartphone with Facebook at its central core — now it's officially broken cover.

INQ unveiled its Cloud Touch and Cloud Q smartphones just as most predicted it would. As Gizmodo found out, the phones were inspired by Star Wars' Stormtroopers and Wall-E's Eva robot. Not a bad place to start for iconic inspiration!

Make no mistake, INQ's Cloud phones are powered by Android 2.2 Froyo, but with a large dose (and we mean a lot) of Facebook splashed all over it. While most smartphones access Facebook through the browser or as an app, INQ's Cloud phones access Facebook when you start the device. With so many hours in a day spent on Facebook these days, it's logical that you get to what you want to look at — STAT. It's kind of like Google and it's Chrome OS strategy — getting to what you use the most — your web browser.

Everything from your Facebook profile is imported — friends, pictures, contacts, notifications — all of it is squeezed into a finger-friendly device. Facebook's foray into displacing email back in November with its Facebook Messages hub now makes much more sense. Zuckerberg's plan is to dominate every second of our free time by making us even more overly obsessive zombies of his social network.

While Facebook has yet to announce any official Facebook phone (we don't think FB is going to start building hardware), we do see the social network giant partnering up with more than companies to deliver Facebook's platform on more smartphones.

Much like how Danger's Sidekick was like a MySpace portal back in the day, INQ's Facebook phones have the potential to usurp the market and steal some thunder away from the mighty iOS, while boosting Android's market share. Sounds like a win-win for both Google and Facebook. Well played, well played you Internet giants!

Techradart, via Gizmodo

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