Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker built from scrap computer parts

How big of a Star Wars fan are you? Big enough to build your very own Imperial Walker AT-AT out of recycled computer parts? Battle scars also included!

Etsy user, TGNsmith must be a huge Star Wars fan, because only love could craft this sightly AT-AT. Weighing at roughly 15 pounds and made from a bunch of power supply boxes, floppy drive housings and scrap metal, TGNsmith welded the whole foot high and foot long AT-AT by himself. Great job dude, it looks pretty sweet.

If you want a heavy piece of Star Wars history, you'd better hurry up. There's only one of these AT-AT's and it's available on Etsy for a whopping $450. Grab it before some other Star Wars fan does.

Via Etsy

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