Sony demos a TV that shows different pictures to each viewer

Sony has demonstrated a technology called dual-view, that lets two people see different images depending on where they are seated in the room.

Sony sees this technology being used for gaming, allowing two players to see their own perspective at the same time without having to resort to a split screen image. The demonstration used the just released Killzone 3 running on a PS 3 with a 55-inch Bravia set, but I see a potential uses for this technology that go far beyond gaming.

Imagine two people being able to watch two TV shows at once, without one of you having to camp out in the bedroom. Of course there's no way to split up the audio so at least one of you would have to wear headphones, but it still makes for a more sociable experience than being spread around the house.

Before the demo the Sony rep warned that "this will make your eyes hurt", so clearly the technology needs further development, but once they figure it out this could really change the way we watch TV.

Pocket Lint, via CrunchGear

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