Say 'pew pew' to literally shoot enemies in this mic game

We are not joking when we tell you that this game is called PewPewPewPewPewPew -PewPewPew. This two player game doesn't use controllers or motion sensors, it uses microphones. That and you literally say "pew pew" to shoot space baddies.

PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew is an Xbox Live Indie game developed for the Global Game Jam 2011. As we already said, this two player game uses two Rock Band mics or Xbox 360 headsets to control a character with a jet-pack on screen. One player controls the jet-pack avatar by making jetpack sounds and the other says "pew pew" to shoot things. The gameplay is as simple as that.

No official release date for the game, but dang it, this game looks awesomely fun. PewPewPewPewPewPewPewPewPew looks like a great homage to the rise of nerd culture as we know it today.

Full video demo of the game below.

Incredible Ape, via Notcot and Polkadot and Indie Games

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