Regrow your hair with this dorky laser helmet or your money back

I'm not even close to balding, but for those who are, the days can look real somber when staring into a mirror. Don't let those tears drip out just yet because there is hope! The iGrow promises to help you grow back the hairs you've lost with time.

The makers of the iGrow, Apira Science claim that the helmet's 21 laser diodes and 30 LED lights will give you "thicker, full and healthier" hair in a few weeks or your money back guaranteed. With no conclusive facts to indicate how long per day you have to wear the iGrow or even how it's powered, we're raising our brows with suspicion.

In fact, the entire thing looks so eerily cheesy (including Apira Science's website) that we're skeptic as to whether the iGrow is a real product or just a decently made "As Seen on TV"-type gadget. I mean, that phony shaving helmet did trick the Internet for a good 10 minutes.

For those who aren't getting any results with Rogaine, you can pick an iGrow up for $695. My advice is to skip the lasers and accept your shiny reflector — believe it or not, some people find it attractive.

iGrow, via Engadget

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