Playing Doom on a graphing calculator will make math class more fun

Back in the day, a Texas Instrument graphing calculator and math class equalled unprecedented hours of bootleg Tetris rounds — that was as powerful as the hardware allowed. Nowadays, a kid can play frigging Doom on in class instead of graphing parabolas.

As the video demo shows, a bunch of homebrewers have managed to port the entire game of Doom onto a TI-Nspire graphing calculator. The Doom port is currently in beta and runs for 20 to 60 seconds before freezing up randomly, but still, progress is progress.

Sure, the game's graphics aren't anything to write about — it's monochrome and really pixelated, but "nDoom" reminds us of the good old Gameboy days. If we could travel back in time, we'd choose Doom over Tetris during any boring class.

Check out the grainy video of "nDOOM" running on the graphing calculator below.

YouTube - DJOmnimaga, via HotHardware

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