Pac-Man-ready space station arcade tabletop? Check!

Like something straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Arcade Tables' jumbo "Stealth" tabletop is a perfect blend of futuristic style and retro arcade games. Old school gaming never looked so sexy.

With over 60 classic arcade titles housed in a gorgeous "high gloss, easy care 10 coat two-pack and glass exterior" every golden-era gamer would die for one of these.

Chomping on ghosts in Pac-Man, shooting aliens in Space Invaders or playing any of the other 58 pre-loaded games are sure to look amazing thanks to the Stealth's high definition LCD screen with an 89-degree viewing angle.

Available in obsidian black and supernova white, the Stealth arcade tabletop is $3,300 and ships from Australia. If coughing up over three grand is too high, you could always just turn an old netbook into a cute little arcade cabinet for $350.

Arcade Tables, via Uncrate

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