Old Nintendo GameCubes make for great desktop organizers

Back into the office from the weekend of madness? Spice up that drab cubicle with this hand-crafted Nintendo GameCube desktop organizer.

When we look at an old GameCube, we see a system that had so much potential, but failed in execution with poor game support. But when Etsy seller, GreenCub (Graeme Abraham) sees a GameCube, he sees a desktop organizer.

Removing all of the GameCube's innards, Graeme was able to gift the old square console with pencil/pen slots where its power and reset buttons once were, controller ports that are now a drawer, disc tray that is now a storage tray, side vents converted into a magnetic paperclip holder and its oft-joked about carry handle into an iPhone/iPod holder.

We'd never have thought of using an old GameCube (we laugh because we own an indigo a.k.a. purple console) to hold pushpins, but then again, we'd never gut our old consoles to begin with. Graeme has three colors available with prices starting from $40 to $50. It's either that or you could just take some tools to your own GameCube next weekend. Whatever you like.

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