NoteSlate is like an old chalk slate updated for the 21st century

Back when my grandparents were in school, paper notebooks were really expensive, so most school kids worked on iPad sized chalkboards called slates. Now that idea is being revived, with this low cost electronic notepad called the NoteSlate.

With it's huge 13-inch touchscreen display, the NoteSlate is much bigger than most e-readers or an iPad, The screen uses E-Ink like most e-readers, but because it's not designed to handle photos or fancy graphics, the display is pretty low-rez at 100 pixels per inch.

Connectivity includes a USB port, SD card slot, and promises of a "free WiFi module." No word on what type of processor is used.

The $99 black on white NoteSlate Basic model is set to launch in June, with various color options to follow.

This sounds pretty awesome assuming it actually gets to market. I just hope it doesn't disappear like that $35 Indian tablet computer.

NoteSlate, via Wired Gadget Lab

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