Nose breath-controlled cyborg camera mask is wicked to the core

For his wife's art opening/masquerade party, Ryan Sturmer didn't want to get a paper Phantom of the Opera mask. Instead, he made his own functional cyborg mask, complete with a scary Terminator-esque glowing red LED for an eye. Did we mention that the eyepiece is nose breath-controlled?

According to Sturmer, the mask's retractable camera eye is controlled by your nose breath. A thermistor attached on the side of the mask detects changes in temperature based on breathing patterns, treating it as a signal to trigger the camera eye. How strange, yet cool is that?

The only downside is you can't look through the camera eyepiece. Bummer, we were hoping for a tiny embedded LCD inside too.

Nonetheless, Sturmer's cyborg mask has DVICE's DIY stamp of approval. Sturmer, now just add a laser beam to the LED eye and then you'll really be the the talk of your town come Halloween.

YouTube - Ryan Sturmer, via Hack A Day

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