No Adobe Flash support for Motorola Xoom at launch

Up to speed on the whole iPad hates Adobe Flash and Google Android loves it story? Good, Android fanboys, we've got some bad news. If you were anticipating the dual-core Motorola Xoom iPad-killer to run Adobe Flash from the start, you'll be disappointed, because it won't.

Planned for a February 24 release, the Xoom tablet will not get Adobe Flash support until "Spring 2011." While Spring is a mere couple of weeks away, the Android community is up in flames over this minor setback, as Adobe Flash is still used in a large segment of the web's rich media.

Although I think the Motorola Xoom is a bit expensive at $800, there's no denying that Android 3.0 Honeycomb is lickety-slick as we told you at CES 2011.

Motorola's decision to not include Adobe Flash support at launch suggests that Flash might actually be the deadly virus that Apple has been ranting about all this time. Even with its beefy dual-core processor and generous 1GB of RAM, could the Xoom be a victim to Adobe Flash before its even shipped?

Verizon Wireless, via Engadget

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