Nintendo DS unofficially ported to Android smartphones

While Sony was busy announcing its PlayStation Certified suite of PS1 games for Android devices, the developers at Tiger King were busy getting an emulator of the Nintendo DS up and running on Android phones.

At first, we were very excited to hear Tiger King's unofficial emulator, but then we learned the app was merely a proof of concept and that games are "very slow, so you shall not expect to play [any] NDS game with this emulator."

As a person who follows the homebrew scene somewhat closely for most popular portables, I can't help but be impressed. All emulators start out as proof of concepts and over time, with a little determination and a whole lot of hours spent debugging, a usable app usually turns up. If the emulator seems slow now, wait until people start mucking around with the powerful quad-core Sony NGP.

One thing that can be taken from just the screenshots above is that the placement of the controls look awkward, especially the D-pad. Given that their really isn't a lot of space for overlaid controls on Android touchscreen smartphones, we're still fairly confident it can be refined in the future.

Having sold over 144 million units of the Nintendo DS (all revisions combined), the world's best selling handheld getting unofficially ported to Android will be the new emulation obsession just as the NES, SNES, Gameboy and Gameboy Advance were back in the day.

Le Journal du Geek, via Technabob

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