Nintendo 3DS isn't pirate proof, runs games off R4 flash cart

The Nintendo 3DS was just released in Japan on Friday, and within 24 hours of its launch, Japanese pirates were able to get the seemingly unsquashable R4 flash cart up and running to load pirated DS games. Mmm, the cat and mouse game continues.

The R4, for those who don't know, is a DS-sized flash cart that takes MicroSD cards. It boots external software that bypasses the official Nintendo DS OS. While the legalities of it are tricky — the R4 can be used to run lots of useful homebrew and backup legitimately owned games, most people use it to run pirated DS games.

Rampant on the DS and DS Lite, Nintendo added extra security measures to the DSi and DSi XL to combat the R4 and similarly cloned flash carts. It worked — until hackers managed to write new software and make new R4 carts that overrode the new hardware.

You'd think Nintendo would have made it extra tough to just load an R4 on its new 3DS handheld right? Nah. While the R4 can only load regular DS games right now and not the new 3D-enhanced ones, we have a hunch Nintendo is looking into all of this working on a kill for the R4 in a new firmware update.

It would appear Nintendo's new worst enemy isn't really its competitors anymore, but these pirate-friendly flash carts.

Note:We DO NOT support piracy in any form or manner. Please support your favorite games and their developers by purchasing legal copies.

Via Destructoid

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