Thunderstorm is the first battery-powered Super Soaker ever

There's nothing quite like filling up a Super Soaker water gun with ice cold water and hosing down the enemy — right in the chest. The only thing that we hate about water guns is all the pumping action it takes to get the wet times going. The Thunderstorm Super Soaker smartly gives the water gun an upgrade with a much-needed battery-powered boost.

The Super Soaker Thunderstorm water blaster is powered by four AA batteries that provide a continuous flow of soakage without the need to pump. Now you can focus more on aiming and less on trying to up the pressure.

Ten ounces of water can be stored in the blaster's "magazine clip" — each having an actual clip to hang off your belt. Clip on a couple of these magazine clips and boom, you're in business. Your target won't know what hit'em because you'll be reloading and reloading, clip after clip. Can you smell the sweet scent of victory yet?

By now, you're probably wondering how much the Thunderstorm costs. Slated for this Spring, each Thunderstorm is $15 with additional magazine clips costing $4. How is that for an inexpensive water fight?

Via Hasbro

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