Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire unleashes the rapid-fire on foes

What's more fun that shooting Nerf darts at a coworker hunched over a stack of files? Shooting 20 darts in rapid succession at them — 10 in the back and 10 in the kisser. The Nerf gun that handles the job best? The Nerf Dart Tag Swarmfire.

From the moment we gripped the Swarmfire in our hands until the last bullet was fired, we knew that it was the Nerf gun for us. There's a bit of heft to it, but not enough for it to detract us from wanting to shoot the living bejeesus out anything that moved in the Nerf showroom we were at.

The Swarmfire looks great and feels even better when firing 20 Nerf darts at once. As part of the Dart Tag collection, it's slightly more "deadly" and it's recommended that safety glasses or goggles are worn while shooting around. We were a little shocked that the Swarmfire takes six "C" batteries instead of AA ones like most of the other battery-powered Nerf guns, but it's okay — we still love it the same. We could have loved it more, if we even had or knew a person with "C" batteries lying around.

Like it's name suggests, get ready to swarm your pals with Nerf darts this Spring — the Swarmfire costs $30 and is good for any kid that's of eight years old and up. Spring is right around the corner and it's time to get our pew pew pew on.

Via Hasbro

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