Mini Cooper gaming chair is good for racing games and chilling beers

Designer David Gawthorpe is our hero of the day. What did he do to deserve the badge? The guy gutted a Mini Cooper into a gaming chair, stuffed an Xbox 360 in it — complete with retractable gaming wheel and pedals, installed a 500-watt amplifier and added strobes, lasers and a smoke machine to it. Need I say more?

Yes? Good, because the gaming chair's rear hides a mini fridge, iPod dock, headphone slot and its seat has a "Butt Kicker" that vibrates to bullet sounds during a movie like Saving Private Ryan. I think I need to pick my jaw up off the floor now, thank you very much.

Want one? It'll cost you about $12,950 after the British conversion. I think I need one, not want — need one right now. I'll take a loan or something.

Metro UK, via Born Rich

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