Mattel's Mindflex Duel is sort of like using the Force, kind of

The day we can levitate things with our mind is the day humankind will have evolved. Mattel's Radica Mindflex Duel game uses your brainwaves to push a floating ball around the field. It's not really a Force-choke power, but it works almost like it, maybe.

Before the game begins, players don funny looking headgear, flip a switch on the side and then prepare to concentrate the crap out of their opponents. The headset contains sensors that read brainwave activity, so the harder you concentrate on something, the more you can use that noggin power to push the ball against your opponent's Jedi powers. If you break your focus, your "powers" obviously fail too.

We had a hands-on with the Mindflex Duel and were utterly confused as to what we were supposed to concentrate on. It turns out that adeptly focusing on anything you want will do. We recited the entire alphabet in our head without stopping to blink and were able to completely overtake the Mattel rep.

After playing with it for a short time, we're still not quite sure what the point of Mindflex is. Is it a real game that really flexes your brain power or is it just a pretty toy that makes you think you're using a magical Force-like power to push a floating ball around?

We'll let you decide what is what, because we can't figure it out. Should you care to exercise your brain, Mindflex Duel will be available in August for $100.

Via Mattel

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