Kinect-controlled browser forces you to virtually swim to surf the web

Is there anything the Kinect can't do? Tinkerer, David Stolarsky's SwimBrowser is a different breed of web browsing — you swim with your hands to navigate the Internet.

As part of the OpenNI Developer Challenge, the SwimBrowser uses breast stroke gestures to zoom in and out of a web page, navigate tabs and visit favorited sites. Stolarsky didn't demonstrate any form of text input as that wasn't listed as part of the challenge, but we think a speech-to-text input would work beautifully with the SwimBrowser.

Now that Microsoft has officially announced its plans to open the floodgates to developing hacks with its Kinect sensor, enthusiasts will have even more resources to work with. Imagine a Kinect app store with gesture-based apps that work with a huge array of hardware when a Kinect is plugged in. With so much interest in hacking the Kinect, an app store isn't completely out of the realm of reality.

Funny thing is Stolarsky wears a pair of swim goggles in his video demo, but rest assured, they aren't required.

Via SwimBrowser

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