IQ Alarm won't shut up until you answer some brain teasers

Most alarm clocks wake you up just enough so you can swat the snooze bar for a few more precious minutes of shut eye. But what would happen if you actually had to do some thinking to stop the alarm? That's the idea behind the IQ Alarm.

Rather than just providing a simple snooze, the IQ Alarm makes you answer one to three tricky questions before it will shut up. By that time, you'll be fully awake, with no thoughts of dozing off again.

I guess that will do the trick for chronic over sleepers, but to me it simply sounds unnecessarily masochistic. The designer even gave the IQ Clock a tamper resistant battery cover, just in case you're considering that method of silencing the damn thing. No word on what happens if you answer the questions incorrectly.

Luckily for all heavy sleepers, the IQ Alarm is currently just a concept.

Via Yanko Design

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