Humaniod robot for the ISS is like a Twittering a teenage girl

While NASA plans to send the businesslike Robonaut 2 up to the International Space Station, the Japanese have developed their own far more social robot for the ISS.

Unlike the American robot which is designed to assist the astronauts with various chores, the unnamed Japanese robot is designed to provide "comfort and companionship", while sending Tweets and pictures about station life back to her followers on Earth. I know it must get lonely up there in space, but I wouldn't try to read too much into this.

Developed by a team at Tokyo University in collaboration with advertising giant Dentsu Inc, the Japanese robot will be able to hold conversations with the astronauts, while keeping an eye on their health and stress levels.

The Japanese space agency JAXA, says the robot will be ready for its trip into space in 2013.

Via Associated Press

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