Helium-filled RC fish really swim through the air

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly — rarely does one dip into the territory of the other. These remote-controlled fish do both: they swim to get airborne.

These Air Swimmer radio controlled helium balloon fish (a Finding Nemo-style clown fish and a shark) obviously don't know nature — they "swim" in the air, a startling effect to say the least.

They've got hinged tails that flit them along just like their cold-blooded counterparts in the sea. You fill 'em for a couple of bucks at a party store or flower shop or any place that sells helium balloons. The batteries — one in the fish, three in the remote — power their air swim for around four hours; a helium fill should last a couple of weeks.

Clown fish and shark will each cost $40 when they become available in July.

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