Got a lot of space under your bridge? Add wind turbines

There's an old viaduct system in Italy — which is basically an elevated highway or railway — that officials there thought would cost too much to demolish ($55 million) to make it worth it. Instead, they put out a call on how to modernize it. One idea? Install dozens of wind turbines along its length.

"Solar Wind" is a proposal by Italian designers Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino to revitalize the viaduct using wind and solar power. The bridge would have 26 stylish wind turbines installed along its underside with solar panels and green spaces topside. It makes for a pretty eye-catching sight, but all of that would also serve to pump 36 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually back into the grid, with another 11.2 million kilowatt hours from the solar installations.

Here's a view from the top (click on it to make it larger):


According to Popular Science, all of that green energy combined could be enough to power 15,000 Italian households.

InfoNIAC, via PopSci

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