Google gives Jules Verne an animated logo for his birthday

Happy birthday, JV! The author, best known for writing fantastic tales such as Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, is getting a Google logo tribute to that very book. The logo is animated, interactive and can even be controlled by just tilting a smartphone.

Next to the nefarious Google Pacman logo (to which I just lost another 20 minutes of my day while writing this sentence), this Jules Verne tribute could be the most complex to date. From a computer, the controls are fun and simple — you navigate across a colorful 20,000 league span of water using the joystick to the right.

Fire up Google's homepage on your phone, however, and there's something weirdly magical about watching the logo scroll with a simple tilt of your phone (though your phone must have a built-in accelerometer and you must be using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox).

Head over to Google to get your journey started. So far I've spotted a pair of divers and a giant squid, but I feel like there has to be something else hidden down there.

Google Blog, via PC World

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