Georgia man claims Walmart sold him a fake iPad

Put this one in the smells kind of fishy file. A Georgia man claims that a local Walmart sold him a fake iPad, and now the store is refusing to give him a refund.

The iPad shown in the video is clearly one of those phony display models Walmart uses to thwart sticky fingered customers, but the real question is how Ken Lamal, the customer, ended up with this in his box instead of a shiny new iPad.

In the video the reporter actually takes it to an Apple tech to confirm that it isn't the real thing (doh!), and the tech points out that it's probably a "brick in the box" return. In other words, an unscrupulous customer bought an iPad, substituted the display model for the real thing, then returned it for a refund. Lamal claims that the repacked iPad was later sold to him.

There are a couple of problems with this scenario:

For starters, the Walmart says that all Apple returns are sent back to Apple and are not restocked. More importantly however, if they checked Lamal's return closely enough to determine that it wasn't a real iPad, wouldn't they have done the same thing for the person who Lamal claims returned it the first time?

Lamal is taking the store to court, I guess that's the American way.

Via KPLC Channel 7

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