From The Onion: Apple's grotesque new MacBook

You can always count on the gang at The Onion to create a twisted spin on the news, and Steve Jobs taking a hiatus from Apple is no different. Today, they tell us about how Tim Cook introduced a "grotesque new MacBook."

Cook presented the bizarre, malformed new product to stunned silence during a media event at Apple headquarters, revealing a device that, while vaguely similar to a computer in certain respects, appeared to be encased in a thick, flesh-like coating that was visibly moist and engorged.

"Oh, my sweet God," Apple employee Kurt Starfeldt said after viewing the MacBook up close. "It appeared to be discharging some sort of mucus-type substance from the headphone jack and making these weird murmuring sounds. And then it started quivering at one point when Tim was demonstrating how to use the touch pad. It was quite upsetting, actually."

And the amazingness continues from there. Be sure to go check out the whole story over at The Onion!

Via The Onion

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