Finally, white iPhone 4 will make its way to stores very soon

Oh white iPhone 4. How you've been delayed time and again. If you've been holding out for the white hue, then you're in luck, as the official white iPhone 4 will be hitting retails very soon.

Engadget managed to snag a photo of a shelf tag that points to Best Buy getting the coveted white iPhone 4 for AT&T. A price tag of $600 is shown for a no-contract phone.

After a year long battle with what is believed to be a white paint problem — photos were reported to be washed out when taking pictures with the LED flash on, the white iPhone 4 will finally take your dollar.

The hard question is, do you still want it when you know a shiny new iPhone 5 will be around the corner?

Engadget, via Slashgear

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