Fancy pants joystick is perfect for posh gaming fans

I don't normally think of gamers as being prone to ostentatious displays of wealth, but that might change if people actually start to buy this ostrich leather wrapped arcade stick.

Created by French luxury goods manufacturer Hoon in collaboration with gaming specialist Neo Legend, the arcade stick is hand made in a Paris workshop using dark blue lacquered oak and genuine ostrich leather, with top quality Sanwa hardware for the actual gaming controls.

The stick works with PS3, XBox 360, and PC games, but thankfully not with the Wii. Imagine what sort of damage that remote would do to your TV's screen if it slipped out of your hand during a furious game of Wii tennis.

The Hoon arcade stick can be pre-ordered for delivery on Feb 18. No word on the price, but I think we can assume it won't be cheap.

I wonder how hard it is to clean beer and popcorn stains off ostrich leather?

Hoon, via Technabob

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