Small hummingbird aircraft flaps like a bird, weighs less than a Duracell

It's hard to believe that AeroVironment's "Nano Hummingbird" is considered an aircraft, but it is. Equipped with a video camera, spying on your smoking hot next-door neighbor never looked so unsuspicious.

Made to look just like a real hummingbird, the small aircraft has a wingspan of only 6.5-inches and a weight of 19 grams (less than an AA battery). It "carries its own energy source and relies only on its flapping wings for propulsion and control."

Using a remote control, the Nano Hummingbird can "climb and descend vertically, fly sideways left and right, fly forward and backward, as well as rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise" and transition from hovering in the air to flying at 11 miles per hour.

The Nano Hummingbird looks and sounds fantastic, but something tells me I'll be a little more cautious the next time I see a hummingbird overhead. It's not like hummingbirds often pop up on a busy New York City street.

AeroVironment, via Gizmag

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